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From Dedication to Perfection

From Dedication to Perfection


Aad Bos on Mokkō

Growing up in the calm, green countryside outside Amsterdam, Aad Bos, 32, planted the creative seeds for Mokkō, an unconventional design studio for products and spaces, inspired by Japanese aesthetics.

“I could play with LEGO for an entire day straight, no problem,” Aad confessed. “During my primary school years I started attending drawing classes after school. During high school I joined an art academy organized by the school, which prepared us for entering art school. My parents were always very supportive towards me advancing in art and craft and I would often draw and make things at home.”

Aad followed courses in art, design and craft at the Edinburgh College of Art , Morley College London and the Delft University of Technology before and after his main studies in law. In 2011 Aad started his law career as a corporate lawyer. Only after 5 years he decided to make a change and started his own design studio Mokkō. It was in October 2016 that Aad had a travel-induced epiphany that propelled him back to his artistic roots full time.

While in Japan with his wife for their honeymoon he became captivated by the modesty, simplicity and unpretentiousness of Japanese design and the Japanese dedication to perfection in woodworking. “What fascinates me is that handcraft is really celebrated in Japan, while it is at the same time so technologically advanced,” said Aad. "Another inspiring aspect is the love for the unconventional – not for the sake of being different, but to involve and activate the human mind when using or interpreting an object or space.”

Words: Caurie Putnam
Photos: Thomas van Schaik

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