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Works of Whimsical Yearning

Works of Whimsical Yearning


Clauda’s Humans

One of the most striking impressions of the sculptures of Clauda is the contrast between their elegant, elongated lines and their rough-hewn surface texture. This combination creates a tension — an energy — that radiates from the human figures that dominate her collected works.

These are human forms — stretched vertically and featuring huge hands and feet — that capture a yearning in both everyday and sacred postures. Some of her figures sit, some walk — while others reach for the unseen or move to a music intrinsic to the sculpture.

Her work has clearly been influenced by the explorations of the human form that drove the career of her fellow Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti. Their elongation, their rough surface texture, their combination of taking flight from gravity while being encapsulated in an organic-seeming form shows his influence.

“My source of inspiration is the emotion that gives me a person that I meet, his silhouette, his gestures,” explained Clauda in an interview. “I think that my sculptures are ‘expressionist’ in fine writing (influenced by Giacometti), as opposed to the round sculpture by Botéro.”

Words: Peter Letzelter-Smith
Photos: Marie Boyard

Half-seen Things

Half-seen Things